Divers come here for the myriad of sea life such as sharks, sting-rays, barracudas and hundreds of fish species. There are fewer species of coral than the other coast, but the clear waters and variety of underwater animals still make it a diving paradise.• Coco’s Island: Although a distant location – 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, it is a holiday-of-a-lifetime trip! Not only are you miles away from anywhere and anchored off this island national park; known for its pirate treasure, waterfalls and undisturbed nature, but this is the only place in the world where you can dive with Hammerhead sharks and live to tell the tale!The boats offering tours are: Argos, Sea Hunter, Undersea Hunter and the Aggressor. Each has variations on the same trip, but all provide a ten-day cruise with seven of those days spent diving. Meals and all dives (three to four daily) are included in a package that will set you back between about $ 4000 and $ 5000, depending on the options chosen. It is not a budget trip, rent car costa rica but for experienced divers, this is what dreams are made of!??What To Take:• Sunblock: Lots and lots of sun block. The Costa Rican sun is unforgiving to pale foreign skins!• Water: As much water as you can carry! Sitting and swimming under the sun and accidently drinking saltwater are good routes to dehydration!• Towel & Change of Clothes: If the day is overcast, you may feel chilly once you leave the water.• Wetsuit & Dive Gear: If you are planning to make a trip, such as to Coco’s Island or a PADI course involving multiple dives, you’ll need your equipment.• PADI Certification: For those already qualified to dive.??What To Avoid:• Touching, Standing On or Breaking the Coral: The reefs are a highly sensitive and delicate ecosystem and small damage to one part can have serious repercussions on the whole reef. If you are diving or snorkeling off a boat, your guide should be anchored well away from the reef itself to avoid damage to the coral from the boat, or vice versa.• Sunburn: The cool temperature of the water is deceptive and rent car costa rica you may not feel yourself burning in the sun’s powerful rays until you get out, which will be way too late! Cover yourself in high SPF, waterproof sun cream or block before you dive in and re-apply regularly. If you have sensitive skin, it is worth taking a cotton t-shirt to protect yourself further while you’re in the water.• Drowning: If you aren’t a strong swimmer, consider whether this is the activity for you. You may be able to enter the water and snorkel wearing an inflatable life vest for safety.• Bad Weather: Heading out to sea when it is rough or has been raining heavily is not a good idea. If the ocean is churning rocks, sand and seaweed with every wave, the chances of you seeing anything are pretty limited. Check the visibility yourself before you go as some unscrupulous guides may still try to take you out regardless of the conditions!??So prepare to explore a whole new world as you swim in the blue waters of Costa Rica; where the fish are just as curious as you are of rent car costa rica them.

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